Used Jungheinrich trucks for Franklin

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Franklin Silencers, the designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial silencers, has upgraded the materials handling equipment at its Northamptonshire factory with used forklift trucks from Jungheinrich’s Ready to Go range.

Danny Weisenberger, deputy managing director at Franklin, said: “We chose used machines instead of new trucks because the Jungheinrich models were refurbished to an extremely high standard and represented extremely good value for money.”

Franklin purchased electric and LPG-powered counterbalanced forklifts for use within both its manufacturing and distribution sites. The electric trucks will be used within the company’s finished products warehouse, while the gas-powered machines will mainly be utilised in the production site to unload lorries bringing in raw steel.

Craig Johnson, marketing manager at Jungheinrich UK, said an increasing number of companies are choosing used equipment when replacing their truck fleets.

“The task that the truck or trucks will be required to undertake should always be considered when contemplating buying used machines, but with fully refurbished trucks available at around two thirds of the price of a new truck – and, in some cases, up to 40 per cent less – many forklift operators have found that used equipment represents an attractive and economical alternative to new machines,” he added.

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