New driver safety system trialled in Germany

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Volvo Trucks is testing a new traffic safety system, designed to improve communication between vehicles and their surroundings, in a two-day demonstration which began yesterday on a test track in Frankfurt, Germany.

The system has been developed as part of a move to cut down on road accidents, and features mechanisms which ensure a vehicle can automatically identify traffic hazards before the driver does.

Lars-Göran Löwenadler, safety director at Volvo Trucks, says: “With new communication technology, the driver can quickly be alerted to a possible hazard and therefore more easily avoid problems. This opens the door to an entirely new generation of accident-prevention safety solutions.”

The system has been developed by vehicle manufacturers, systems suppliers and researchers, in line with the European Union-wide joint drive called ‘Car 2 Car Communications Consortium’.

Volvo is the only truck manufacturer to take part in the first practical demonstration, along with nine car manufacturers.


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