More KPIs for online benchmarking

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The Department for Transport’s Online Benchmarking pilot which went live in August, has been expanded to include six  additional KPIs to the two that currently exist. 

The pilot which is designed for vehicles over 7.5t GVW within the trunking and aggregates sector, runs until March 2009 and allows operators to compare their performance instantly and anonymously with that of similar operators.

The pilot initially allowed operators to compare their fuel consumption and safety with that of similar operators.  Following positive feedback from participants, six more KPIs have been rolled out including:

Empty Distance Run
Vehicle Fill
Vehicle Time Utilisation
On Time Deliveries
Damaged Deliveries
Delivery Complaints

Scott Hardy, principal consultant at Faber Maunsell, who is managing the pilot programme, said: “The addition of a further 6 KPIs to the OLB reporting capability will allow road transport operators to gain a greater understanding of where they currently sit within the industry in terms of performance, and where they need to be to aim for ‘best in class’ status.”

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