Haulier goes for MiX system

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Wrings Transport has fitted its 40-strong fleet with the latest MiX Telematics systems, designed to involve drivers more in saving fuel.

The FM300 fleet management system now features a RIBAS dashboard-mounted device with five LEDs, which flash when a driver exceeds a pre-programmed vehicle parameter. This covers over-revving, idling, harsh braking or acceleration, and speeding.

Previously fleet management systems have focused on providing driver-related performance data to the transport office. The RIBAS will enable drivers to correct their driving style as they go.

Stuart Wring, the haulier’s managing director, said: “The system delivers us all the benefits of live tracking and driver and fleet monitoring but with the added bonus that our drivers are very much involved in the efficiency-gain process too.

“In terms of fuel savings, we are confident the system will deliver significant benefits because of the instant feedback provided by the RIBAS display and our objective now is to introduce a fuel bonus incentive scheme for our drivers based on the data gathered by the FM300 Communicator.  In this way it’s a win-win for all of us, management and drivers alike.”

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