Fastest ever order picker from Mitsubishi

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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has launched a high-level order picker which enables picking at heights of up to 11.5 metres – the highest in the market. The 48-volt OPBH10NH model
features a power AC hydraulic motor, which is said to deliver the fastest lifting speed on the market.

A 24-volt version is also available for applications that don’t demand such high or fast lifts.

The lifting mechanism is located under the cabin floor, which means that the cabin walls are thinner, so that loads are easier to reach. The pallet lift can raise loads to a maximum height of 750cm.

By splitting the control unit, access to the load has improved, and the risk of accidentally operating controls while leaning to reach the load has been reduced. 

New features include joystick control, and an inductive hand detector which will only allow operation of the truck when both hands are inside the cabin. This detector helps safeguard against mishandling because it only responds to flesh and can’t be fooled by placing another object where the hand should be.

The truck features a pin-code starter pad linked to a new generation electronic control system, which allows engineers to programme a wide range of performance parameters via the truck’s own display screen – with no need for connection to a laptop computer. 

Other standard features on both models include AC drive, strong regenerative braking, high capacity batteries and battery change rollers. 

There are also options available for particular applications, including wire or rail guidance, end-of-aisle braking and auto stop for obstacles and pedestrians.

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