TomTom Work unveils truck sat nav

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TomTom Work, the B2B division of TomTom, has launched a truck navigation system, designed to help cut fuel costs and prevent trucks from being directed down unsuitable routes.

The software has routing algorithms designed to prevent truckers from driving through small town roads and narrow residential areas, and features truck-specific route information, such as weight restrictions and clearance heights.

A map-share function is included in the software, whereby feedback from drivers regarding road changes can be used to continuously update the system. So far the map coverage extends across western and central Europe and is based on the Tele Atlas / ordinance survey (UK).

The system enables drivers to avoids roads where there are sharp turns or u-turns, unsuitable for large trucks. It also offers realistic expected arrival times (ETA) by taking into account truck speeds and road limits.

A web fleet application means drivers enables more flexibility when allocating jobs. This enables the fleet management team to pinpoint which drivers are available and best suited for a job. The driver then receives a text message showing the job, ETA, and destination. The software also relays information on traffic jams in real-time, which means that managers can then relocate a different driver to a job so as to make the delivery can be made on time.

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