Cheese maker extends Culina deal

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Cheese manufacturer Lactalis McLelland has signed a two-year storage and distribution contract with Culina Logistics.

Glasgow-based McLelland, which produces the Seriously Strong cheddar range, was bought by the French company Lactalis in 2005. It had an existing relationship with Culina, so the new deal is an extension of this partnership and now involves Lactalis products.

The supply chain specialist will provide a full range of logistics services for the company, which also produces the Président brand, including intake, storage, picking and transport.

It will deliver more than eight million cases a year to some 210 drop points using its fleet of refrigerated vehicles, as part of the shared user operation.

Culina will also provide a range of value added services, such as co-packing and reworking.

Gerry Doyle, group logistics and supply chain manager at Lactalis McLelland, said: “We’ve developed a close working relationship with Culina through the McLelland brand, which has been very successful. This has now been expanded to include the Lactalis range of dairy products.

“As a business we have a complex supply chain operation that requires a large amount of product re-labelling to meet supermarket retailers’ different requirements. Culina has the expertise to deliver this in a flexible way.”

Lactalis produces more than 600,000 tonnes for 140 countries.

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