Linde launches Sinergo range of pallet trucks

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Linde has launched a range of new pallet trucks and pallet stackers, which it says can achieve up to a six per cent increase in output, while at the same time consuming twenty per cent less energy.

The three pallet trucks, models T16, T18 and T20 with load capacities of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 tonnes respectively, and four pallet stackers, models L10B, L10, L12 and L12i with 1.0 and 1.2 tonne load capacities are designed for pedestrian operation in the warehouse.

The Sinergo (Safety Innovation Ergonomics) range uses a number of tried-and-tested functions from the predecessors. These include the long tiller arm, hinged low down on the chassis to place the operator at a convenient distance from the truck and to facilitate manoeuvring in tight spaces.

The new creep speed control allows the operator to manoeuvre the device at a reduced speed even with the tiller in the upright position. The tiller head has retained its curved design, providing wrap-around protection for the operator’s hands. The electronic control of the lift mast functions (named OptiLift) is another tried-and-tested feature that is included in the new pallet stackers. The truck’s operator is able to transfer loads to and from storage carefully and accurately using the switches located on the tiller head.

A new feature on five of the models is a system that regulates travel speed according to the tiller position. A potentiometer measures the angle between the tiller and chassis and automatically adjusts the travel speed to the walking pace of the operator.

Traction power for the pallet trucks and pallet stackers is provided by a AC motor with booster effect. The booster offers the power unit increased torque at low speed to enable the truck to deal with steep ramps, uneven surfaces and inclines without rolling backwards.

The top speed of the trucks is six km/h whether laden or unladen. Key performance parameters, such as acceleration or braking characteristics, can be set and then modified at any time by service engineers.

High residual capacities offer the operator additional options. The stability of the mast on the pallet stackers at high lift protects the load, as does the soft landing function, which brakes the load automatically the closer the forks come to the ground. At the same time, the integrated initial lift of the Linde L12i pallet stackers gives it a greater degree of flexibility.

An ergonomic tiller head is also a feature of the new pallet trucks and pallet stackers. Every important operator function has been integrated into the tiller head; some twice in fact, which means that the truck can be steered effortlessly using either hand. The length of the pallet trucks has been reduced by eight per cent to increase manoeuvrability further where space is most limited.

Servicing can be carried out rapidly using the CAN bus connection—through which all vehicle data can be read out using a notebook computer—and because all components are easily accessible. The AC motor is completely maintenance-free.

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