Food manufacturers consolidate with NFT

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Brioche Pasquier and Kavli, the makers of spreadable cheese and pates, have enlisted NFT to deliver their products to the regional distribution centres of Marks & Spencer.

Both companies will be using NFT’s shared user distribution network to manage their daily deliveries, joining more than 70 other food retailers and manufacturers.

Kim Bryan, supply chain manager at Kavli, said: “Service is a pre-requisite for growing business with the multiples. We have had a longstanding relationship with NFT, who already handle our deliveries to Tesco and Somerfield, so they were a natural partner for the primary distribution of goods to M&S.

“The company’s shared user network is ideal as it meets our exacting requirements for small volume but frequent deliveries. By consolidating goods through the NFT’s shared user network we are also able to manage our costs effectively.”

Michael Mary, logistics manager at Brioche Pasquier, added: “Our product range, including frozen tarts, is imported from France at all times during the day… NFT offers a reliable 24-hour service and also handles our European-bound pallets, ensuring that backloading to the port in the UK is maximised.”


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