May Gurney cuts fuel costs with Fleetstar Online

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May Gurney has shaved ten per cent off its fuel costs in three months after installing a fleet tracking system from Cybit. The integrated support and construction services company set up the web-enabled system, called Fleetstar-Online, with the maintenance fleet of its Highway Services sector.

Martin Potter, operations director for May Gurney Highway Services, said: “Having the Cybit solution has been a business revelation, both for tactical operation and corporate business efficiency management – even in such a short space of time. We are using the data produced to benefit our business from a cost, mobile worker safety and service perspective.”

“We need to see where our engineers are when an urgent call comes in,” continued Martin Potter, “otherwise we don’t know who’s in a position to deal with the incident most effectively. We now have all the live information available to effectively manage the process of identifying the most suitable resource – on a location and skill basis.”

It has also reduced the size of its fleet by five per cent as a result of better allocation of vehicles.

“We use our fleet smarter now. We noticed one instance where one of our smaller vehicles was making trips backwards and forwards for most of the day, when a larger vehicle could have the same effect in just one trip – a far more effective use of resources,” said Potter.

May Gurney believes that telematics is also having a positive impact on the safety of its mobile workers.

“We see highly informative reports that enable us to work with our drivers and make them more aware of where they can contribute – both in terms of the routes they take and their driving practices – most noticeably with speed and route planning where we can take preventative action alongside our drivers,” concluded Martin Potter.

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