Fiat drives efficiency with Ceva

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Italian car manufacturer Fiat has signed a contract with Ceva Logistics to provide complete warehousing and supply of automotive spare parts for north western Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands at a newly opened local distribution centre in Duisburg.

The 13,000 sq m site is located in Logport and is expected to store around 30,000 parts for the manufacturer.

Owing to the location and good connections orders can be delivered on the same day within a 90km radius, otherwise delivery is guaranteed by the following day.

Ceva, has created 69 jobs at the new facility, 60 of which are in the operative sector.

* Elsewhere, LG Electronics has signed a contract with Ceva Logistics in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ceva will be investing in pallet positions, security, network access points for radio frequency and WMS at the distribution centre in Louveira, which will store products form the plant in Manaus.

The area will cover some 35,000 sq m, with an expected 45,000 sq m of stored products and 98,000 sq m processed per month.

The operation will feature 120 employees, which could rise to 140 in peak periods, covering reception, verification, warehousing, separation, issuing, returning, inventory control and re-working of electric and electronic products.

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