New ESR 5000 model from Crown

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Last year Crown unveiled its ESR 5000 range, which comprises two models – the standard 5000, with load capacities of 1.4, 1.6, and two tonnes – and the S class, with 1.6 and two tonne load capacities. Both have lift heights of up to 12m.

The S class features a larger cabin, fitted with a rotating MoveSeat and headrest and controls integrated into the armrest. The Crown-designed FlexBack system means drivers can see elevated loads without craning their necks.

All models can be fitted with options for specific applications – rack height selection, load recognition, tilt position assistance and mast or fork-mounted cameras.

Three sets of hydraulic controls are available – multi-task, fingertip, and dual-lever – depending on driver preference or the application.

Drivers can also decide whether the electronic steering should rotate just 180 degrees or a full 360 degrees.

The trucks are fitted with energy-saving regenerative braking, and feature offset masts, which help improve visibility. All models feature Access 123 technology, which monitors and communicates real-time data from key lift truck systems. Advanced diagnostics mean that service engineers can pinpoint faults instantly and test components on the spot.

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