Scania launches fixed priced repairs programme

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Scania is set to launch a Fixed Price Repairs programme in a bid to offer operators a more cost effective and convenient way to get common workshop repair jobs done.

The programme covers all parts, labour and consumerables and includes a range of repairs on Scania G-, P-, R-, 4- and 3-series trucks.

Operators pay one price, which is based on the optimal time an experienced technician should take to carry out a repair.

It also includes any replacement parts that may be required, all of which are Scania-branded, as well as consumerables such as oil or coolant.

Until June 2009 Scania will be offering a number of promotional deals, including a reduction of up to 25 per cent on the list price of repairs to brakes, clutches, starters, alternators and cab suspension.

James Armstrong, Scania’s aftersales director, sais: “In today’s demanding economic environment, operators are more than ever looking for fast, effective and reliable solutions to their business needs. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of services we provide today under the banner of Scania Total Transport Solutions. 

“This latest addition to our portfolio is a logical extension to that programme.  As such, it underscores our commitment to assisting operators in every way and making life as simple as we possibly can.”

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