Flexible challenger to conventional stackers

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Narrow Aisle reckons its Flexi Euro can outperform conventional stacker trucks as it is compact enough to work with Euro pallets.

Sales and marketing director John Maguire says: “For example, we recently delivered Flexi Euros to Heidelberg – the world’s leading provider of printing presses. Before the arrival of the Flexi Euros Heidelberg had been using a combination of stacker trucks and various counterbalance machines to unload and put away deliveries as they arrived at the factory from its various machinery component suppliers. A counterbalance truck was employed to unload trailers, before a stacker took over and transferred parts to Heidelberg’s lines ide buffer store. From the buffer store a different counterbalance truck – smaller in size and capacity to the one used to offload the trailers – was tasked with transferring parts to the production line.

“The switch to Flexi Euros has enabled Heidelberg to use just one truck to do the jobs that up to three forklifts had previously been used for.

“The Flexi Euros now collect incoming goods from trailers outside the plant and deliver them directly to the buffer very narrow aisle store and, as component parts are called off for production, they are taken directly to the assembly line using the electric-powered Flexi Euros,” he says.




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