Barclays launches help programme

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Barclays Commercial Bank is targeting transport and logistics business owners and managers struggling as a result of the recession with the launch of a new initiative.

The Turning the Corner programme combines practical guidance, workshops, industry discussions and networking events offering specifically targeted skills and knowledge to help companies meet challenges and identify potential opportunities in the current economic climate.

A series of industry-focused events are scheduled over the next few months, which are aimed at providing businesses from a number of sectors the opportunity to learn from their peers.

Speakers will include the Evening Standard’s financial editor Anthony Hilton and leading business analyst and futurologist James Bellini, and the events will be chaired by a panel of industry leaders, as well as Barclays industry experts.

A number of regional guidance networking events are also planned throughout the UK, which will include seminars from a range of business experts including business mentor RenéCarayol, as well as the opportunity to widen networks and develop new business leads.

The programme also includes a website with recession-specific content to help aid decision-making in areas such as human resources, supply chain management, foreign exchange and other finance and management disciplines.

David Marks, managing director England and Wales of Barclays Commercial Bank, said Turning the Corner is a natural step towards improving the way the bank supports businesses, particularly when combined with increased business lending and support of government initiatives such as the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG).

He said: “We are acutely aware of our responsibilities in the current environment and we remain committed to creating and maintaining a platform for our clients to succeed.  Of course this means continuing to lend, which we are well placed to do as we remain well capitalised with a strong balance sheet.  We are also working closely with the government to support initiatives such as the EFG.

“But it also means adding value by providing practical guidance and information, and connecting businesses with like minded peers so they can share learning on how to adapt their businesses to the specific challenges of operating in a recession. By offering our clients specific financial solutions and highlighting options for building more efficient operations, we believe their businesses will be better positioned when the economy recovers.”

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