United Biscuits saves £200,000 annually

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United Biscuits is reporting annual savings of £200,000 as a result of a web-based satellite vehicle tracking system from Masternaut.

The Masternaut Three X system uses Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping technology to accurately locate and efficiently manage the trucks in real-time.

This helps improve the use of resources, driving styles and fuel consumption, and helps reduce engine idling.

Overall United Biscuits has seen a seven per cent improvement in fuel consumption, saving £80,000 a year; more efficient fleet management leading to a reduction in the number of trailers, thereby cutting £10,000 a year; better management of contractors, saving £70,000 a year; and real-time planning ability, which saves an estimated £40,000 a year.
The Virtual Earth mapping helps direct drivers to exact destinations, which has enabled the company to cut lorry miles by three million miles over four years.

The system has also decreased fleet emissions by almost 20 per cent, through the use of direct routes and driving skills improvements, and driver safety has been improved.
“With Virtual Earth we know exactly where our vehicles are – and where they should be. We have improved efficiency, decreased working capital, and dramatically increased green benefits,” said Rob Wright, United Biscuit’s national logistics controller.
“Our choice of product was assured by the service level agreement of guaranteed up time provided by Microsoft. Also, with Masternaut Three X hosting the solution, it can look after all our maintenance and security needs,” said Wright.

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