Corus and TDG unveil environmental trailer

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Corus and TDG have unveiled a new trailer designed to help reduce the steel producer’s environmental impact.

The 45ft-long trailers will help reduce empty running as they offer increased versatility and are more likely to carry a return load back to their starting location.

Corus has worked in partnership with TDG since 2006 when the logistics specialist set up a centralised planning operation to manage Corus’ entire UK road haulage needs.

By linking outbound journeys with return legs and more efficient planning, the operation is reducing the number of miles travelled by trucks delivering Corus products by a million a year.

Overall, this has led to annual savings of 1,315 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 500,000 litres of diesel.

Mark Starosolsky, operations director at TDG, said: “The idea for this trailer came from one of our operations planners. We’re currently working on similarly ground-breaking trailer projects in other areas of our business.”

Chris Wimhurst, Corus director of logistics, said: “The transport platform is helping us to make both financial and environmental savings, and these new trailers will help us to make further progress in reducing our transport emissions.

“In the current economic downturn, we need to improve our operating efficiencies as well as continuing to respect the environment. This trailer innovation supports both objectives.

“Corus’ first choice for moving raw materials and semi-finished products within the UK is the national rail freight network. However, for customer deliveries of finished steel we have to use the road network. Whichever transport mode we use, we want to achieve the highest standards of service and the lowest environmental impact.”


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