Sainsbury’s cuts transport costs with integrated system

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Sainsbury’s has cut transport costs and improved driver productivity by using a software system from Paragon to streamline its delivery operations. 
The Paragon system has been integrated with Isotrak telematics to capture real-time data such as vehicle location and driver tachograph outputs.

Paragon’s Fleet Controller system (which integrates Paragon Routing and Scheduling Optimiser) monitors the delivery schedules and Isotrak’s ATMS captures real-time data.

Darren Jones, Sainsbury’s head of logistics strategy, said: “Uncertainties are a fact of life for any transport operation so we build contingencies into our schedules, but they add costs. The more uncertainty that can be eliminated, the greater the control over costs.

“Fleet Controller is looking forward all the time, making sure pre-set parameters such as delivery windows are met. If any criteria look like being breached, it will re-spin the schedule to avoid the breach.”

Paragon can re-allocate upcoming trips when if a driver returns late or early, which increases high driver and vehicle use levels.  “As a result we are improving driver productivity significantly at the depots using the new integrated system,” said Jones.

The system is being rolled out across Sainsbury’s national distribution network.



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