Pasta company looks to CHEP

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Pastacorp has introduced CHEP’s Total Equipment Management facility and signed a contract with for some 240,000 pallet movements a year at its manufacturing plant in Chiry Ourscamps, L’Oise, Northern France.

As part of CHEP’s TEP service a sorting and inspection plant has been installed at the customer site to ensure only good pallets or containers are reintroduced to the supply chain, while any damaged ones are returned to a CHEP service centre.

Pastacorps, one of the largest manufacturers of pasta in Europe, aims to reduce the number of trucks used to transport pallets to save time and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption.

The company had been facing operational problems with their previous pallet supplier as moisture in the pallets was damaging product during transit leading to increased costs and inefficiency in the supply chain.

As part of the operation CHEP has also included a facility designed to dry the pallets.

Pierre Yves Corbier, country general manager of CHEP France, said: “It was clear that moisture in the pallets was causing problems for Pastacorps and I am please we were able to expand out pallet inspection and sortation TEM operation to dry equipment also.”

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