Tyre problems affect a quarter of CVs

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Almost a quarter (14,177) of the 56,980 commercial vehicles inspected by ATS Euromaster during February 2009 were found to have at least one tyre-related issue which required either servicing or replacement by its team of mobile technicians, the company has reported.

Regrooving accounted for 35 per cent of the 14,177 individual jobs carried out following the inspections, with roughly one third (32 per cent) requiring the tyre to be repositioned after the regroove. 12 per cent of vehicles had tyres turned on the rim, to help prolong life, while seven per cent had tyres repositioned, in circumstances where tread patterns or tread depths were mismatched on the same axle.

Other issues highlighted included five per cent of vehicles with at least one missing valve cap – a primary cause of pressure leaks – plus four per cent of vehicles without the necessary valve extensions, which are required for checking pressures on axles with a twin fitment.

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