Sainsbury’s to fit new fleet with fuel-safe devices

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Sainsbury’s is to fit its 343 new trucks with TISS’ TankSafe Impregnable fuel security and safety device, in a move to cut diesel spillage and improve its environmental credentials. 

Gary King, logistics engineering manager, Sainsbury’s, said: “Diesel is an extremely hazardous substance and failure to manage it effectively can potentially cause damage to our environment. With a fleet of 1,000 trucks continually refuelling every day, the potential for diesel spills occurring is huge.  It was therefore an easy decision to continue fitting the TISS Impregnable.”

Morag Robertson, Sainsbury’s environmental manager said: “Not only does diesel have a negative impact if spilt but also it results in excessive diesel use with all its associated CO2 impacts. Sainsbury’s is committed to reduce its fuel use, and as part of this unnecessary leaks and spills contribute to this objective.”

The TISS TankSafe Impregnable anti-siphon prevents diesel spills due to its float-valve, which allows fuel to flow into the tank but locks off once the tank is full making it impossible to overfill the tank. 

The float-valve also ensures spills don’t occur when the truck is being driven or if a cap is misplaced.

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