Time for rail, says DB Schenker

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Rail freight operator DB Schenker is launching a marketing campaign to attract customers to move their freight onto its trains during the current economic downturn.

The campaign focuses on how DB Schenker can help customers reduce costs. Stuart Boner, managing director of the network segment of DB Schenker Rail (UK), said: “DB Schenker has taken decisive action to adapt its business to remain fit and vibrant as it operates through the downturn. We want to help customers to do the same.

“A recession is a crucial time to challenge your suppliers. Just because you have always transported your goods in a certain way does not mean you need to continue. We might have a cheaper, quicker and more reliable alternative. We are ready to take action and ask that companies across Britain challenge us to reduce their costs.”

As part of the campaign customers are asked two key questions:

* Is your freight partner providing you with unique logistics solutions during this recession?

* Honestly, are they doing all they can to help you survive the global economic downturn?

DB Schenker argues that it will offer improved value for money to customers over their current logistics providers and urges them to issue the challenge to DB Schenker to help them make savings.

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