Netto integrates Olivo containers in the UK

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Netto has integrated Olivo containers for frozen goods into its distribution system in the UK, enabling it to use single temperature chilled vehicles, while the Olivo containers carry the frozen goods.

The company already uses Olivo containers for the distribution of frozen products in Denmark from its automated distribution centre at Koge.

Netto has two multi-temperature distribution centres in the UK serving 195 UK stores.

The Olivo containers are delivered overnight so the temperature-sensitive products are ready for store staff to load on to the display units when they arrive. The containers act as mini cold stores, keeping the products at the correct temperature until they are needed.

Netto use Olivo containers with feet rather than castors in order for them to fit into their lift and pallet truck operations. Eutectic plates are used for refrigeration of the containers.


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