Cargobull increases capacity with double deck loading

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Schmitz Cargobull is able to increase the loading capacity from 34 to 67 pallet spaces with the double deck loading system for the S.CS Mega with Varios.

The trailer has an internal height of up to 3,050mm. Through 12 steel girders, plus 23 cross girders, a variable level is created which offers room for up to 33 additional Europallets with a maximum load-bearing capacity of ten tonnes.

For each cross girder a payload of 600kg is possible, and for each pallet 400kg.

When not in use all of the additional components can be stored against the front wall or between the side stanchions without restricting the loading capacity.

The second loading floor has been designed in such a way that it can be loaded from the side or rear or with a crane.

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