Sports retailer clamps down on fuel theft

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UK sports retailer has fitted its 60-strong fleet of trucks with TruckProtect’s anti-siphon devices to deter fuel thieves.

Transport supervisor Colin Ellis reckons it is an “ideal method” for counteracting thieves who skim off small amounts of fuel from large goods vehicles, in the hope that no-one will notice.

“It is a good preventative method. The amount of capital paid out for an anti-siphon device like the InstantFit NECK-IT is relatively small compared to the amount of diesel that can be lost over a large fleet over its lifetime.

“Since they were fitted, we have had one incident with one of our vehicles, where someone has tried to tamper with the InstantFit NECK-IT, however they were not able to gain access to the diesel in the tank and left empty handed,” he said.

The InstantFit NECK-IT device has high-speed pumps which can fill up to 120 litres per minute without splash-back. 

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