Clarke takes four Mercedes Actros

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Clarke International, the supplier of electrical and mechanical workshop equipment, has marked its 40th anniversary by taking delivery of four premium specification four by two Actros 1841LS MegaSpace tractors, all of which are equipped with Daimler FleetBoard telematics systems.

The trucks are based on at Clark’s production and warehouse complex in Alfreton, Derbyshire. From here, they deliver the company’s range of tools and machinery to retailers and distributors nationwide, aboard tandem-axle box trailers with tail-lifts.

The first Mercedes to wear Clarke’s colours were supplied by East Midlands dealer Mertrux, which is servicing them under a free, two-year Mercedes-Benz repair and maintenance contract at its Mansfield workshop.

The BlueTec Euro 5 Actros units are plated for operation at just 28 tonnes and have produced fuel returns in excess of 11mpg within their first few weeks on the road.

Paul Walmsley, general manager at Clarke International, said: “The Actros seemed to us to represent the best value. That’s an important factor because although they run relatively light, we do expect to get at least 10 years’ service from them, during which they will each cover in excess of one and a quarter million kilometres.”

Daimler FleetBoard telematics hardware is also producing savings. “It’s telling me exactly how the vehicles are being driven and highlighting where the drivers might be going wrong,” he says. “Our Distribution Supervisor Dayle White gives them daily feedback and as a result we’ve been able to achieve some significant improvements, for example by cutting down on a lot of avoidable idling, said Walmsley.

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