Tranman keeps the army moving

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ALC has adopted the Tranman fleet management system to manage a fleet of more than 3,000 construction vehicles, plant and field mechanical handling equipment for the Ministry of Defence across the world.
ALC provides condition based maintenance and repair services to more than 350 locations around the world. This includes spares logistics, fleet management, help and service support and global asset transport to some of the harshest environments in the world. These assets include cranes, dump trucks, bulldozers and even rock crushing units.
Tranman supplier Civica worked closely with ALC and the armed forces to refine the software to fit ALC’s needs. The availability of vehicles in this operation can be life critical so stringent service level agreements are applied, such as penalties of up to £500K for late delivery of equipment.
Tranman enables the MoD to enter requests directly for equipment for subsequent delivery by ALC.  ALC can view the allocation and availability of equipment by equipment type across the world, and to plan and record maintenance and repair tasks. Tranman provides comprehensive vehicle maintenance history records, including parts and labour, and integrates seamlessly with parts suppliers for automatic order updates. 
David Briant, management information systems manager at ALC said: “The diversity of equipment we use in so many, often remote, locations and the criticality of meeting committed service levels gives us a unique operational need and we are pleased that the system is working well for us.”

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