Food distributor picks ATMS from Isotrak

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Fresh produce supplier Marshalls has picked an Active Transport Management System from Isotrak to improve the tracking of its delivery fleet.

The Isotrak system will now enable the distributor to pinpoint and improve inefficient areas of operations, for example, where there are excessive turnaround times and unauthorised stops, and will help improve accurate delivery-time estimates.

The ATMS can also provide real-time monitoring of refrigerator performance and trailer temperature.

Mick Huskisson, transport coordinator of marshalls, said: “Operating from multiple sites and delivering over 30 individual product lines direct to Europe’s most demanding retail customers, Marshalls’ business depends on maintaining a high-integrity cool-chain and the highest standards of fleet visibility and customer service. Isotrak, with its ability to closely analyse our fleet’s performance and pinpoint ways to boost efficiency, has given us a fresh competitive edge.”

Marshalls, which operates a temperature-controlled fleet of 34 trucks and 51 refrigerated trailers, is also using Isotrak’s CANbus engine management interface to observe its trucks’ throttle opening, use of brakes, cruise control and idling time, and then pinpoint where driver training is needed.

Isotrak reckons that a company can save up to 19 per cent in fuel costs by adopting fuel-saving driving styles.

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