Mercedes launches van “Swappage” scheme

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Mercedes-Benz has launched its own version of the government’s Scrappage scheme and is offering a £2,000 cash incentive to invest in a new van.

The initiative is being promoted under the “Swappage” banner and offers customers the chance to save £2,000 on the cost of a Sprinter 311CDI, the most popular model in the van range.

Mercedes says there are two problems with the government Scrappage scheme. Because they are working vehicles the proportion of ten year old vans on the road is much lower than cars. And the government scheme excludes purchases made using off-balance sheet financing.

Despite the Swappage name, there is no requirement to trade in an older vehicle. And those wishing to use an off balance sheet acquisition method can do so, and still save the £2,000. The offer applies to Sprinter 311CDIs with Euro 4 engines only.

Simon Neill, national dealer sales manager for Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “We quickly realised after the Scrappage scheme was announced that some of the terms and conditions meant it was going to be relatively difficult for van users to benefit. The Mercedes-Benz Swappage scheme, by contrast, has been designed specifically to meet the needs of light commercial vehicle operators.”

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