SfL publishes the journey so far

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Skills for Logistics has issued a publication describing “the journey so far” which looks at the Sector Skills Council’s progress in its mission to encourage and support employers in the freight logistics industry to develop the skills of its workforce in order to gain competitive advantage.

SfL chief executive officer Dr Mick Jackson said: “Whilst we know that past economic recessions have resulted in employers cutting back on training, we firmly believe that even during these very difficult times it is important to invest in skills within logistics businesses.

“There can be no doubt that this will contribute to the business bottom line in so many ways. Current research highlights the economic benefits of training and shows that employers who invest in skills development are better placed to emerge and compete when the economy revives.

“Evidence from previous recessions shows the vulnerability of companies in the early months of revival following the sort of downturn which we are presently experiencing. In order to survive, logistics operators must ensure that they are ready to go when the moment comes and not be caught out by being short of appropriately skilled personnel.  They really must train today in order to prosper tomorrow.”

The 20 page publication looks at Skills for Logistics’ work with employers, the Professional Development Stairway, SkillsPay case histories demonstrating the benefits of training, and sections looking at SfL’s work with learners, training suppliers and government policies.

Copies of “the journey so far” are being distributed in print and digital formats to a wide range of establishments.

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