APC Overnight launches magazine service

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APC Overnight has launched a low-cost magazine delivery service designed for less time-sensitive printed materials such as catalogues, magazines, directories and reports that don’t require a customer signature and are deliverable in one to three days.

The operation will be run from APC Overnights 125 depots, which are located throughout the UK.

Packages can weigh up to 2kg, with a minimum run of 50 items and customers can use plain or own-branded packaging.

An existing APC Overnight customer trialled the magazine service against its current catalogue delivery provider Royal Mail.

Steve Calvert, director of APC Express Logistics in Nottingham, said: “Both Royal Mail and APC Express Logistics were given 850 consignments each, with the client’s expectation for all deliveries to be made in around three days. Ninety per cent of APC Overnight consignments were delivered next day.

“Royal Mail took an average of three days to deliver, with up to seven days for some consignments. The customer was delighted with APC Overnight, not only with the time scale and but also that all the consignments via our service were delivered. We have now been invited to quote for the customer’s main annual run of 10,000 catalogues.”

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