Asda plan to cut fleet costs

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Asda expects to cut between five and ten per cent from its fleet costs since installing a routeing and scheduling system from Paragon Software Systems.

Paragon Multi Depot software will be used to help improve planning of delivery routes and vehicle use across Asda’s 22 depots, serving 356 UK stores.

The retailer reckons the system will take it a step closer to its target of cutting fleet emissions by 40 per cent by the end of this year.

Liam Fletcher, Asda’s network efficiency manager, said: “Paragon is our strategic tool of choice for reviewing and modelling best routes. It will also help us to maximise the use of our time. With the efficiencies we will gain from using the system, we are able to minimise capital expenditure through better use of our fleet and driver availability.

“In short, we are able to do more with our existing resources and the savings we will make, which range from five to ten per cent of fleet costs, are ploughed back into the business to reduce the cost of products to our customers.”

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