Diesel set to get cheaper, says Fuelcard

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The Fuelcard Company reckons diesel fuel is set to become cheaper than unleaded for the first time in a decade.

The fuel card seller says that not only will diesel become the “favoured choice”, but it will also “dominate for a sustained period”.

The company says that diesel’s improved fortunes are because of rising demand for unleaded fuel in the US, coupled with a slump in global production.

“These developments coincide with road hauliers and fleets cutting heavy oil consumption, which has made for a supply surplus. Already the wholesale price of diesel is less than petrol,” it says.

Jakes de Kock, the Fuelcard Company marketing director, said: “Diesel cars have always been recognised as being more economical in terms of consumption, but recent price hikes have created a lot of negativity around owning and running them.  Now, the emerging dominance of heavy oil means savings can once again be made as the price of unleaded is set to stay higher in the medium-to-long-term. In addition, a diesel operated fleet can save an average 2p to 3p extra per litre on pump price by using bunker/fixed price fuel cards.  

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