Sunday 24th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Cybit launches road speed reporting tool

Online telematics service provider Cybit has launched SpeedSafe, a road speed management-reporting tool, as part of its Fleetstar-Online’s Duty of Care solution.

The module is designed to help managers enforce work-related road safety – a key requirement of the Health & Safety (Offences) Act.

SpeedSafe creates driver performance reports that assign points to drivers based on instances of speeding, with severe infractions accruing more points.

These totals are then ranked on a monthly basis and can be broken down in any way the manager requires, such as days of the week.

“The Health & Safety Offences Act requires employers to mitigate risk for mobile employees – reducing speeding is one of the primary ways that this can be done,” said John Wisdom, of Cybit.

“The risks of travelling at high-speeds are well documented, but employers need a way to not only see when instances of excessive speed occur, but also a way to implement and manage a process to reduce them. We use SpeedSafe inside our business as the most effective way to do this.”

Cybit’s speed management package includes individual road limits, and is part of a Duty of Care module that automatically reports on telematics-driven data such as excessive journeys, distances driven without breaks and other driver metrics.

This is combined with fleet management information such as vehicle servicing, driver training and licensing checks.