Easier access for DX mail company

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Business mail company DX improved access to the unloading area at its London site with made-to-measure Thorworld yard ramps.

Previously, there was no direct way for vehicles to enter a planned unloading area because the ground sloped, and so the road level was more than a metre above the basement floor.

Thorworld designed and manufactured a 4.5m-wide x 8m-long loading ramp with a maximum weight of 8,000kg, which it delivered in two sections and assembled on site.

Vans and 7.5-tonne trucks use the ramp, which is bolted to the concrete floor, to reverse down into the basement unloading area. Once inside, the shutter doors are closed and locked to provide a secure area while the vehicles’ contents are transferred into the sorting department.

Mike Stone, DX chief operating officer, says: “Having the ramp has proved to be an economic, highly efficient and simple solution to the access problem we faced. The alternative would have meant costly and lengthy construction work.”

A hand-operated hydraulic pump raises the ramp to the required height.

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