Palletforce first to use Curtainclear trailer

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Wilson Trailers has developed what it says is the UK’s first step frame double deck vehicle offering unrestricted loading access, which is going to be used by Palletforce for the first time in the distribution sector.

The Curtainclear trailer allows curtains to fully clear the sides of the trailer all the way to the rear, giving operators and drivers full side access to both top and bottom decks to reduce health and safety risks, achieve full pay load and improve speed of access.

The vehicle is the brainchild of W Trailer Company’s managing director Graeme Wilson and has been designed in conjunction with Palletforce shareholder member Bleach of Lavant.

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Wilson said: “In the current climate efficiency is key, so reduced turnaround times, full pay loads and speed of access are essential for economical distribution operations.

“If drivers cannot leave the cab inside depots, it is time consuming driving out of the depot to move curtains to access different parts of trailers. With Curtainclear, the curtains can be pulled all the way back and secured behind the trailer, enabling everything to be loaded or unloaded in one entrance to the hub.

“Time is money, so the less time spent loading results in money saved, which is even more essential in the current economic climate.” 

Palletforce has two members using the new trailers, one already on the road with Bleach of Lavant, and another available for purchase or contract hire to a Palletforce member.

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