FTA angered at plans for transport cuts

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The Freight Transport Association has warned that cutting spend on major transport projects, (brought about by a public investment shortfall), will “not only damage the UK’s road and rail infrastructure, but severely jeopardise Britain’s economic future”.

Responding to yesterday’s leaked industry memo warning of a £28.9 billion cut in the Department for Transport’s capital expenditure plans, Jo Tanner of the FTA said: “Once again, it looks as though the transport sector is the whipping boy.  

“News of massive cuts in much-needed road and rail infrastructure projects will send a shiver down the spine of an industry that forms the backbone of business in the country.

 “Although the UK’s transport companies lead the way in terms of investing in greener and newer technology, they are not being met half-way by public investment in our roads and railways.  

“Clearly, the political will to win votes supersedes the need to make meaningful, long-term commitments to improving our country’s economic prosperity.  Yesterday’s leaked memo confirms that government policy is dangerously myopic.”

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