Trakm8 unveils fleet management upgrades

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Trakm8 has launched three fleet management packages, designed to help businesses improve fleet visibility.

The fleet management specialist has developed Swift Fleet Classic; Swift Fleet Advanced; and Swift Fleet Premier.

Swift Fleet Classic includes a live update feature, which auto-refreshes vehicle positions every two minutes. It has a vehicle timesheet report to show daily/weekly mileage, driving hours and idle hours.

And it features a journey summary report function, which shows routes on a map with details on speed limits and idle offences; on site, and idle time reports.

Swift Fleet Advanced has the same features as the Classic package but comes with e-mail alerts, speeding reports, aerial photography and one-minute live updates. 

The hardware featured in the Swift Fleet Premier package can connect with vehicle CAN bus, which means vehicle fault codes can be communicated to the workshop before the vehicle gets back to base, to help speed up maintenance response.

CAN data can also give information such as fuel consumption, driver behaviour and accurate emissions monitoring. 

All packages include hardware, installation and are upgradable.

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