New safety legislation for lorries

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3M has developed a range of retro-reflective tape for lorries, designed to help companies meet the upcoming road safety regulations, which will come into force this October.

Under the new legislation, all lorries and trailers over a certain weight must display “highly visible marking tape” on the rear and side panels, to help curb the some 600 road accidents caused by lorries in the UK each year.

Initially the new legislation will apply to new type approved lorries with a gross weight above 7.5 tonnes, and trailers with a gross weight above 3.5 tonnes, operating in the UK and Europe.

3M’s ECE104 tape is suitable for both rigid and curtainside trucks, and can be seen from up to 1,000 metres away.

Louisa Perry, product manager for 3M’s traffic safety systems division, said: “Due to their size and weight, HGVs tend to be involved in more severe accidents than large goods vehicles and cars. There are around 600 fatal accidents a year in the UK involving HGVs in rear or side impact with another vehicle.

“Research suggests that up to 12 per cent of these could have been avoided if conspicuous marking tape had been fitted. It is estimated that 40 per cent of road accidents occur during twilight, night and dawn, despite the fact that less than one third of traffic is on the road during these hours.”

3M has two main products designed for this purpose. These are the 3M Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Film Series 983 (for rigid surfaces) and 3M Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Film Series 987 (for curtain sides).

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