Carlsberg consolidates warehouses

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Carlsberg has consolidated its old warehouses in Copenhagen into a new distribution centre in Fredericia, Denmark.

As part of the move, SSI Schaefer has built a 40 metre tall, rack supported high bay warehouse, production, storage and distribution facility.

It provides 76,000 pallet storage positions and an integrated pallet conveyor system with monorail and eight Schaefer Compact Cranes.

The warehouse now also operates via a warehouse management system to ensure efficient, high throughput, including replenishment of production lines and order picking and the sequential allocation of outgoing goods.

The 9,000 metre squared high bay warehouse has 18 aisles containing 70,000 storing positions for beverage pallets ready for dispatch.

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Peter Lambrecht, project manager of SSI Schaefer, said: “A large platform construction was erected in the main hall, the in-house rack, an eight-aisle rack system, and the warehouse management system linked to Carlsberg’s SAP-inventory management system, were installed within an existing building during running operations.

“In order to provide an accurate tailored WMS with SAP-interface, IT-developing, test and simulation programs took place simultaneously to the installation of the hardware in Fredericia.”

The project was completed within 14 months of signing the contract and the site has now been operating at full capacity for a number of months.

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