FedEx expands UK hybrid-electric fleet

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FedEx Express has added ten Modec electric delivery vans to its UK fleet in a move to push forward with its target to improve fuel efficiency by 20 per cent and cut carbon dioxide emissions from its aircraft fleet by 20 percent per available tonne mile by 2020.

The Modec vans will be based in London and are expected to save some 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year; travelling an average of 13,725 miles per year.

The vans are designed specifically for urban deliveries, and feature a large, removable battery pack, which can enable them to travel more than 60 miles on one overnight charge. 

The express courier now boasts the largest hybrid-electric fleet in the express transport industry, with 264 hybrids globally.

It is also operating hybrid-electric vans in Italy and France.

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Adam Psarianos, vice president, operations, FedEx Express Northern Europe, said:  “We are committed to practical investments in technology and innovation to minimise our impact on the environment. I feel that these vans will meet both the practical needs of our customers and the need to operate in a sustainable manner.”

Mark Gordon, senior manager, operations, FedEx Express UK, said: “The couriers have praised the vans for their comfort and ease of use and are really proud to play their part in an environmentally-responsible manner.”



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