Hermes keeps track with Wireless Logic

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Hermes, formerly Parcelnet, has signed a deal with Wireless Logic for it to supply its couriers with 7,500 SIMs, a secure APN network and a fully managed connectivity service.

Wireless Logic will manage a secure private connectivity service via its ManageNet SIM-based network, and will guarantee the performance and reliability via a comprehensive service level agreement.

The implementation forms part of Hermes’ plans to transform the way it tracks, traces and reports on the delivery of all parcels.

Couriers will be equipped with hand-held devices which provide access and communicate last mile delivery data without the need to cradle devices at the depot.

Couriers should rarely have to visit local depots as the next day’s delivery schedule is received on the PDA overnight.

Wireless Logic is working closely with Blackbay, Intermec and The Barcode Warehouse as part of the deal.

Carole Woodhead, chief executive of Hermes in the UK, said: “This project is a key element of Hermes’ strategic plan that will significantly increase the level of service and choice we deliver to our customers.

“It ensures we possess a full track and trace facility and creates invaluable management information and exception reporting. This in turn will enable us to deliver even higher levels of service and better serve the delivery needs of high street, catalogue and internet retailers.”

Philip Cole, sales director at Wireless Logic added: “We were chosen because of the significant infrastructure savings that Hermes will experience by using our fully managed private connectivity service and the extensive SLA put in place to protect Hermes’ investment and guarantee performance.

“Hermes decision to invest in mobile technology is indicative of an increasing desire for organisations to provide a consistently excellent service, regardless of distance or location.”

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