Food distributor cuts fuel bill with tracking software

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Total Foodservice Solutions has introduced a real-time Masternaut Three X vehicle tracking system across its fleet.

As a result, the company says it has cut annual fuel costs by ten per cent, since drivers are prompted to conform to speed limits and therefore improve MPG.
The system monitors delivery trucks as they travel to and from customer sites, providing real- time information to assist senior managers with speeding, idling and route deviations.

It has also helped improve the company’s route planning, and has removed the need for manual work as a result of the featured automated mapping functionality. This helps prevent delivery routes from overlapping and ensures that customers are served from the most appropriate depot.

Operations manager Paul Nowell said: “The Masternaut system has made a big difference to our entire fleet, which operates from both our Huddersfield and Clitheroe depots. Because we get a real-time view of the fleet, we are able to work with our drivers to encourage them to conform to speed limits. This not only makes them safer drivers safer it has also reduced our annual fuel bill by ten per cent.

“We make over 1500 deliveries per week and the system enables us to meet our on-time delivery promises. If there is a delay we are alerted, allowing us to contact the customer to give them a revised estimated time of arrival. This means they never have to chase us to enquire about their deliveries as we can provide a proactive service based on real-time information.”

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