Stockholding increase

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Plastic laminates supplier Payne Worldwide has increased stockholding with 100 per cent selectivity and reduced product damage with a tailored system from The Storage Equipment Centre.

The new layout uses racks with cantilever arms to hold individual rolls of laminate. The arms are tubular with rounded bullnosed ends, which have helped reduce the incidence of damage as
well as make roll placement easier and quicker. The rolls have also been stored so that alternate columns were staggered to provide an interlocking layout. This enabled the final solution to provide a significant improvement in the storage capacity of rolls.

Stuart John, production manager for Payne Worldwide, says: “We were delighted with the way SEC took the time to understand our business and offer a solution which exactly met our needs.
They also made sure that when they installed the racks their own installers worked in a way which minimised the impact on our day-to-day operation.”

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