Dynamic cartons for MG

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MG sports cars are once again in production at Longbridge in Birmingham, and to increase the pick rate of small components in the company’s logistics centre, MG has chosen Linpac Storage Systems to design and install a new range of dynamic carton live shelving. By modifying existing racking at the facility, Linpac has been able to maximise the use of space and ensure a higher concentration of small parts ready for line-side picking.

Gary Egan, business services senior manager for MG, says: “We continued our working relationship with Linpac as we already have a strong partnership with them. They successfully installed wide aisle racking into our logistics centre 18 months ago; their excellent performance on that project put theminto pole position for this contract. They offered us good quality carton live product at a competitive price.

“This year we are launching two new derivatives of our sports car which has meant that we have more small components in stock. These parts are now stored in the carton live shelving, ensuring that picking is done in the most efficient and safest way.” The dynamic shelving transports the boxes of MG components on pitched roller tracks, automatically replenishing the pick face with a full carton.

Appropriately designed pick faces for manual picking can increase accuracy as well as productivity, presenting the product to the picker in an easily accessible manner to ergonomically optimise the pick process. Linpac sourced the dynamic product from key supplier Interroll.

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