Jungheinrich launches mini tow tractor

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Jungheinrich has launched a new tow tractor, which is particularly suited to applications where loads need to be transported in tight spaces.
The EZS 010 mini-tow tractor can tow a trailer weighing up to 1,000kg and is available in a range of couplings, making it compatible with almost any type of trailer or roll cage.
The new model is powered by a compact 24 volt drive motor, which uses the latest generation of Jungheinrich AC technology for powerful acceleration and optimum energy efficiency.
The mini tow features a newly developed tiller head and colour-coded and shaped switches and buttons for easy use.
Oliver Rosenthal, Jungheinrich’s product manager, said: “Thanks to its rigidly mounted tiller, the EZS 010 can turn on the spot which means that loads can be easily moved in the narrowest of spaces.
“With this mini tow tractor we are now able to provide our customers with an effective means for activities that had previously been undertaken manually.”
A prototype of the tow tractor was exhibited at Cemat 2008.

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