Wind power gives TNT green boost

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TNT has taken the top spot in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the third year in a row, following its decision to source electricity for all 70 of its UK locations from wind and hydro-electric power sources.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index tracks the performance of the sustainability-driven companies worldwide and the DJSI rankings for 2009 – just announced in Zurich – show that TNT scored 95 per cent – the highest score of any company on the index.

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Managing director Tom Bell said: “We’ve drawn up a ‘green electricity contract’ with the supplier and generator – and it’s fully auditable and a legal requirement for them – that all of our electricity comes from a ‘green source’. It basically means that our industry-leading fleet of electric trucks is truly emission free because we’re charging their batteries using power from renewable sources.

“This initiative, plus our £8m investment in the 100 electric trucks in the UK, will go a long way to ensuring our goal that we’re the first zero emission company on the planet.”

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