Barloworld Logistics drives down transport costs

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Barloworld Logistics has launched “Transport as a Managed Service” to the UK and European markets to help businesses manage their transport costs more effectively.

The company estimates it can help businesses save up to 20 per cent of their overall transport costs.

Barloworld Logistics’ managed services is designed for companies with large transport systems, multiple sources and multiple destinations for their products.

It aims to accurately establish when transport assets are required, enabling companies to manage their transport needs and improve how assets are used.

This typically means reducing capital requirements, cutting costs while increasing reliability and services levels.
Transport as a managed service combines network optimisation, procurement and a tailored management system to bring together transport suppliers to fulfil their client’s ongoing operational needs.  

Barloworld Logistics CEO John van Wyk said: “I describe this solution as the clear route for complicated journeys. We analyse, design, implement and manage solutions to transport issues; from ensuring that transporters are legally compliant, through to acting as a single supplier from management to invoice.

“In addition to helping our customers reduce their transport cost, we also provide a wider view of operations, and with our proven tools can highlight further cost saving opportunities within the supply chain.”
Alan Dunne, national manager, business operations at Barloworld Handling, a client who has recently implemented transport as a managed service, added: “Barloworld Logistics was able to offer us a managed transport service platform that was entirely customised to Barloworld Handling’s specific needs.

“The combination of operational expertise, best of breed technologies, and bespoke management methodology, resulted in improvements in measured logistics performance, enhanced visibility and as a result a much clearer view of cost saving opportunities for Barloworld Handling.”

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