Tesco secures goods in transit

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Tesco is set to improve the security of goods in transit with Secureseal’s tamper-evident trailer seals.

Secureseal will replace electronic seals for all new build trailers and replace faulty electronic seals to improve security sealing levels across 4,000 trailers.
Secureseal is a permanent reusable seal with a unique random security number generator that monitors unauthorised door openings. 

These robust stainless steel devices are proven to provide long trouble-free life typically exceeding eight years.

Tesco requires a high level of reliability and cost per sealing of under £15 per 1,000.
Tesco has said it is committed to its green policy and so avoids disposable seals in favour of environmentally-friendly reusable seals.

Secureseal, Tesco has resolved the common problem of metal and plastic disposable seals being used temporarily to replace their failing electronic seals. 
Cliff Smith, Tesco’s fleet engineering manager said: “Failure rate and replacement delays of the existing electronic seal were putting our high standard of security sealing at risk.  Secureseal offers a more reliable, better value and longer term solution that will improve the security of goods in transit.”

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