Tonnes of savings for Bibby

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Bibby Distribution reckons has cut its output of carbon dioxide by over 2,500 tonnes annually following the launch of its Three Green Balls initiative last year.

The plan aims to increase the company’s fuel efficiency, use the full capacity of its vehicles and upgrade its utility usage in properties, exploiting new technologies where possible. It also sets out to reduce waste and costs by improving fuel usage, supporting new developments in alternative, eco-efficient technology and implementing new vehicle design.

Specific savings include over 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide after investing over £500,000 in changes to its warehousing, retrofitting three of its major distribution centres with state-of-the-art energy-efficient lighting.

Bibby is partnering several customers, especially in the grocery sector, to promote its efforts jointly. A recent joint project with a major supermarket has resulted in a 12 per cent improvement in vehicle utilisation and a subsequent reduction of 110,000 miles a year.

It has also replaced all its copying machines which is savings up to 30 per cent in paper as well as 220 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Operations Director Steve Potter said: “It’s key to our goal of long-term sustainable value creation for our customers and we would urge other businesses to make similar changes to their operations to improve environmental performance both by exploiting short term opportunities as well as searching for the alternative technology developments.”

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